February 19, Tibetan New Year of the Wood Sheep

devlin wood sheep


From KTD:

“New connections have formed between KTD and local non-profit organizations, thanks to the efforts of KTD lamas and staff: we offer food to Family of Woodstock and kitchen leftovers to the Animal Sanctuary.”

The ‘animal sanctuary’ is also known as Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Devlin, our 2015 Wood Sheep Year “Wood Sheep,” is a Farm Animal Sanctuary resident, and is no doubt the beneficiary of many of our KTD scraps, along with his farm animal friends.

Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche will be devoting an entire teaching weekend in March to “Why Buddhists are Giving Up Meat.” 

May our Losar sheep Devlin, and many other animals, help us to understand more about the far-reaching consequences of what we consume.


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