Lama Karma Drodhul, Dharma Teaching, October 6 and 7, 2015


We are happy to announce a DHARMA TEACHING
by Lama Karma Drodhul October 6 and 7, 2015

Lama Karma Drodhul is Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s principal attendant and assistant. He became a monk when he was nine years old and at twenty received both getsul (intermediate) and gelong (full) ordination from Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. Lama Karma excelled in all aspects of dharma study and completed his education in five years. Thrangu Rinpoche sent him to the U.S. to deepen his understanding of the dharma under the tutelage of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche. In March 2004, Lama Karma completed his first and in February 2008 his second traditional three-year, three- month retreat under Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche at Karme Ling Retreat Center. He now is the Drubpon (retreat master) at Karme Ling. He travels to different centers to teach and is the author of Amrita of Eloquence: A Biography of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.

Tuesday, October 6th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Daily Joy of Meditation
First United Methodist Church 1008 11th Street, Santa Monica ROOM #303
Suggested donation: $15
Taking time out every day to develop our minds is the foundation of every spiritual practice. Making new habits is not easy – busy agendas can intrude and fill our minds with distractions that prevent us from getting to our meditation seat. By reframing our daily meditation in terms of joy, we can keep ourselves encouraged and progress along our spiritual path

Wednesday, October 7th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Transforming Difficulties and Problems into Good Fortune
First United Methodist Church 1008 11th Street, Santa Monica ROOM #206
Suggested donation: $15
When we look at our own difficulties and reflect that countless other beings suffer in the same way, we begin to open our hearts and develop compassion and wisdom.

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2 thoughts on “Lama Karma Drodhul, Dharma Teaching, October 6 and 7, 2015

  1. I am wondering why you don’t have up your 2015 and/or 2016 calendar yet? I am trying to find a buddhist center or meditation group with some lineage to practice at.
    I would be interested in checking out your group.
    I also wonder if you offer refuge occasionally or bodhisattva vows, etc type gatherings?
    I see you donate food scraps etc to Farm Sanctuary and I am staunch vegan and love that you do that, I wonder what your teachers take on veganism/vegetarianism is or if you have a stance? I saw you are trying to give up meat, yay. I look forward to more info on your lineage and your group.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Rachelle,

      Our calendar goes out through our newsletter on a monthly bases and I have added you to it, hope that’s ok?

      Our lineage is Karma Kagyu under His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa and in connection with his monastery Karma Triyana Dharmachakra in Woodstock NY.

      We do have at least to visiting Lamas’s per year who give teachings in our centre and on that occasion give Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows.

      His Holiness strongly supports and vegetarianism specifically in all his monasteries but also for all his students.

      Let me know if you got the schedule.


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